Cinnamon Brunch + Leo's Rooftop Bar = Strolls In Budapest

Cinnamon Brunch + Leo's Rooftop Bar = Strolls In Budapest

Today my family woke up at 8am with the sun shining in our house! With morning smiles on everyones faces I suggested we go out to breakfast at this cute place I found on Instagram on the Buda side and then stroll the Danube River toward the new Leo rooftop bar

We slowly got dressed as we were waiting for our grocery delivery from Tesco. I love to shop online while living in the city! I just go to the market for the little things. The site is also in English and the delivery fee is nominal. With a stocked fridge for the week, this mommy wasn't cooking. Off to breakfast.

At 1030 we headed down to the tram in our Sunday best.

First stop Cinnamon. I love a good breakfast. Benedict. Pancakes. Coffee. Who could ask for more. Venture to the Buda side and enjoy brunch in this quant shop.  I had the salmon Benedict and I shared the American Pancakes with Strawberry Jam. I forget what my husband had, but we both scarfed down our food that I forgot to take a picture of it, but a boomerang can be found on my Instagram. 

Then we strolled along the Danube River towards The Chain Bridge. Photoshoot! 

Side note: The bridge will be closed for 3 years due to restoration starting September 2018. Which means no walking or driving the iconic bridge. 

The NEW Leo Rooftop bar has a lion theme and some good marketing throughout that restaurant. Anyway, I loved the view, the drinks were perfect on a hot day, and the bar food was decadent. We had just come from breakfast, so we didn't really dive into the full menu. That's on a date night without the little one.

Taking the tram back home along the Danube with the Parliament Building in the background, gave me a burst of positive vibes for the week. I got to explore and see some of the major monuments of Budapest in one afternoon stroll with my family. I love living in Budapest, and sharing my stories with you. Families thrive in this city, if you ask me. So much to do and see!