Sightseeing Saturday : On Castle Hill In Budapest

Being a tourist in our own city is a new experience for my husband and I. Yes, we lived in Los Angeles, but we were so jaded with the sites that we didn't even realize they were there. Hollywood sign?!? "Oh yeah.. it's over there." 


My Husband and I love that we can just leisurely wake up on a Saturday, make breakfast at home and take the tram 6 short stops to the castle, whenever we feel like it. We don't have to rush. We don't have to see every monument known to man kind in a span of 3 days like other tourist that are trying to take in this beautiful city. We can relax.... because hey, it's just down the street, and it's not going anywhere.

Being a tourist for a day was such a great date day. While strolling on the castle grounds my husband and I realized that we needed to move to Budapest. We needed this wake up call in our lives. Yes we love to travel, but there is more to life than just saving up for a yearly trip. We needed to see the world...before we have babies. But I digress.  

During our stroll on Castle Hill in Budapest we admired the gardens and took some awesome Instagram photos. We managed to walk the entire grounds in about an hour.

Climbing the hill, has a great reward: the stunning views. You can see a 360 panoramic view of the city. With the Chain link bridge right below, and the Parliament Building seen across the river in the distance, it is bound to take your breath away.  We snuck in and joined a free walking tour for 20 minutes. She was super knowledgable and my husband I decided we are going to book a free historical walking tour one of these weekends. We could use some more knowledge about this historical city.

We eventually moved on from the tour group and decided that we would skip over the museums and save those for another weekend as well. We continued on to Fisherman's Bastion area for an early dinner, which was romantic! After dinner, the sun had set and the city was lit up in gold! We took some more night time shots before heading home to get in our pj's. We didn't have to stress about sightseeing the next day, because well... we live here! We are able to do this at any time.

The challenge is to no get jaded by it. I think I can handle the challenge!