Top 5 Best Brunch Spots In Budapest

Rule of thumb. Brunch in it's name implies that you are late to breakfast.  So, that means you're going to have to wait for a table if the restaurant doesn't take reservations. The local hungarians, the tourist, and the expats love to be out and a about in Budapest, so a little wait isn't unheard of. 

Tip: Most restaurants are first come first serve, which also means.... seat yourself! 

But I digress.

Here are the top 5 brunch places in Budapest:

1. STIKA  

All day breakfast. Enough Said. No Seriously, if you're lucky enough to get out door seating it is just lovely. On a Sunday morning, my friend and I were super dehydrated and ordered all the liquids you could think of. Hence the picture. 

I had the salmon Benedict which was good. I wish it came with a side, but it was filling enough with all the liquids to fill me up. Reasonably priced. 

2. Kino Cafe

Looking for a traditional Hungarian restaurant? Then make your way to  Kinko's Cafe.  If the dish has hungarian in the title then it is bound to be good. Yes Hungarian know how to make a breakfast to remember. 

Image From Kino Cafe Mozi Facebook

Image From Kino Cafe Mozi Facebook

Nothing to it, just good breakfast all around. 

3. New York Cafe

Put on your Sunday's best when stepping foot into the New York Cafe. It's like this place sparkles with Gold when you walk in. So make sure you dress the part. It's a must visit in Budapest. The food is on the expensive side, but worth every penny. You will love being fancy at brunch. This would even be a great place to eat after visiting the Opera house. 

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4. London Coffee Society

This place is family owned, and they couldn't be any sweeter. They gave me a punch card, since then I knew I would be a regular. Although it's out of the way from my flat, it is the city center.  I just love stopping by this 2 story hidden coffee shop. The poached egg on smashed avocado toast was to die for. Yum. They also make amazing coffee drinks. I always order a cappuccino. This place is a hidden gem and you will love it. 

5. Szimply

Vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant, where the food is presented with style and the ingredients are so fresh. Yum. This place doesn't take reservations, so just snag a seat. Fresh yumminess awaits. 

Image from Simply Facebook

Image from Simply Facebook

Download Google Maps, right now and eat like a local when in Budapest. I marked the locations on the map below. 

Have you eaten at any of these places on the list? Do you have any suggestions on other places I should try?  Tag me in a food pic, and don't forget to leave a comment below.