Rent Baby Equipment In Budapest

I have managed to pack light with a baby, and I’ve also managed to overpack with a baby. It’s that thing where you don’t know what you may need. It doesn’t matter how big or small the luggage without fail my husband always says the phrase, “I hate traveling with our house on our back.”

Well if you’re like me, you travel smart. And if you’re traveling to Budapest with kiddo’s I found a service that helps you pack smarter.

Lottirose is an awesome service that allows you to rent baby equipment in Budapest. They can meet you at the airport or drop off your needs at your accommodations. Whatever you need, they’ve got it handled for you. This way you can travel with less, and rent what you need. They have strollers, beds, bath time equipment, car seats, and so much more. What’s cool is if you need more than one item they also offer package deals.

There’s so many ways to use this service for every stage of childhood. While I live in the Budapest I still see myself using this service when my friends come. For Instance my mommy friend loves to run, and instead of traveling with her running stroller, she can rent one. Heck I’m no runner. I don’t have one to spare, but Lottirose does! Also their child is older than mine, so we will need to rent a potty seat for their little girl. We will also need a car seat on our drive to Lake Balaton.

It also doesn’t stop at rentals, they offer babysitting services, airport transfers, guided tours, and family photoshoots if interested.

Don’t pack the house on your back, Lottirose has got all things baby related handled for you!

What will you rent on your trip?