Black Girl In Budapest
Black Girl In Budapest


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I spent 12 years in Los Angeles before I moved to Budapest, but I was born in New York and raised in Charlotte, N.C. I met my husband in 2012, and we've always wanted to live abroad. He's from Hungary, so he applied for a job in Budapest and three months later we moved.  

 Before we embarked on our life-changing journey, I searched on Pinterest because that's what I always do before life-changing journeys. I found that there wasn't that much information on relocating to Budapest, or information about the black culture in Budapest. Yes, there were a few black people that visited and documented their Instagram pics, but not much substance. So I decided to document my journey and give a voice to all who want to relocate, explore, and get answers about the small black community in Budapest, Hungary!

I’ve lived in Hungary since 2017, and have given birth to our daughter in this country I am proud to be a resident. I've learned so much about this beautiful country and there is so much more to see. I challenge you to take this journey with me. Let's explore!

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