Budapest Summer Activities at Lake Lupa Beach

Summer fun in Budapest at Lake Lupa Beach 🏖 ⠀

Great place for tourist, locals, and families on what the Lake! Although they call it a beach most of you know, Hungary is a landlocked city! Everyone loves to go to Lake Balaton, but Lake Lupa is closer to the city center. We wanted to give it try and loved it. ⠀

From the city center you can take the Hev 5 north from Batthyany ter. Get off at Budakalasz. It is either a 24 min walk, or a 5 min taxi ride! I found out they they run a shuttle to and from the station for 200 huf. It is not at all advertised. I called a Taxify which is the uber of Budapest, and 2 mins later the shuttle came. I opted for the taxi which was about 1400 huf. ⠀

For kids make sure you go to Lupa Premium. This place had a playground, a children’s cove and so much more. I went with friends who drove and I met them there.⠀

It was a blast. ⠀

The entry was a little over 3000 forints and then if you use the loungers those are 1000 forints each. If you opt for a cabana bed it is 4000 forints. Or you can lay your towel on the floor for free!!⠀

They also offer water sports on a different area of the Lake. On the lounging beach there are volleyball courts. The strand offers a wide variety of food, treats, and bars. We had seafood at the customer service was great! 

Getting back to the train station in the late afternoon was rough. While the taxi took me to the Lupa Premium entrance the main entrance which was on the other side of the lake is where the shuttle does drop off and pick ups. In the heat with a baby that walk wasn’t worth it. We ended up taking a taxi back to the train station.

All in all it was an awesome day to get out of the city. While the lake is 30 minutes North of the city center and an extra 10 minute commute by taxi, it was exactly what I needed! ☀️ 🏖👙 ⠀

Have you ever been to Lupa Beach? ⠀