Swan Lake At The Budapest Opera House

I read a blog on We love Budapest that reported that the Budapest's Hungarian State Opera House would be closing its curtains until 2018. The premise will remain open for tours to the public. Yes, I want to take a tour but I couldn't wait a year to see a performance there. So I clicked through the link on the blog and purchased two tickets to the Swan Lake ballet! 

I have a dance background and trained vigoursly until my mid tweenties, so I have a love for dance. I love watching and applauding the beautiful dancers, seeing the elaborate sets, and ohhhhh the orchestra! #dateday

The building was built in 1884 And it was just breathtaking from the moment you walk in the building. My husband and I couldn't name one thing that needed to be restored and were puzzled why it would be closing down. But I digress.

With the screenshot of my E-ticket on my phone, they usher lead us to our seats. Ugh the ambience, the decor, and the best dressed of Budapest were to die for. Everyone was admiring the scenery while waiting for the ballet to start!  


The dancers and the orchestra worked well together. It was also fun enjoying the ballet with my husband for the first time. We were reminded that this is why we moved to Europe. We are exploring, and experiencing new things! We are in awe of ourselves for enjoying the day! #SightseeingSaturday

During intermission we headed to the upstairs cafe and had pogácsa. They are cheesy styled biscuits. These were the best I've had, to be honest! We enjoyed our snack on the outdoor Terrace before they rang the bell to alarm us that intermission was over. 


The last act seemed like the guy in the seat in front of me got taller. I could barely see the stage anymore. My husband noted that he must have been slouching during the first two acts. #fosho. 

The performance left you wanting more. The drama occurred and then it felt like it was over too soon. But hey they had to tighten the story for 3 acts, as the original has 4.  

Afterwards we went to lunch and during our wait went on wikipedia and researched the story of Swan Lake and read that the score was published in 1875 We discussed the age of the opera house and talked about the 19th century architect. We walked away feeling enriched and enlighten by the beauty of Opera House and how this is our life. We just put on our finest to come to Opera House on a Saturday, we would have never done this in America. I love exploring the city we live in.  #Budapest

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW, BEFORE YOU MISS OUT! Have you been to Hungarian State Opera House? Share your memories in the comment section below.