Top Day Trips From Athens

My Husband and I spent 3 full days in Athens. When it was all said and done, I felt like we had a pretty good grasp on the city and the main tourist sites that it had to offer, so we set off for a 4-day road trip to surrounding cities on the mainland. Here is our experience: 


On our last day in Athens we rented a car and went on a summer road trip. We headed to the ruins of Delphi, which sit on a hill. Let's just say you'll get your daily 10k steps in before noon. Delphi is about a half-day site seeing adventure. 


We continued on to Meteora, where we stayed overnight. We did a half-day tour of the beautiful monasteries on the rocks. I could have stayed another night, but we quickly moved on for a 7-hour drive to Sparti, better known as Sparta. 


Sparta & Mystras

The next day we saw the ruins of Sparta and then went to the ruins of Mystras, a city built on the mountain side. I was almost sick of seeing ruins but this castle-like city revived me. Massive in size, it was fun to visualize what life was like. This was a highlight of my trip. 


After a morning in Mystras, we drove 2 hours to see the most preserved amphitheater in Europe: Epidaurus. My husband based some of his work off of this place. He literally spent the better half of a year staring at a picture of this location for work. So of course we had to see it, and it was epic. If you stand in the middle of the dome and speak in a whisper, the entire amphitheater is able to hear you, even the back row. Acoustics, were off the chain

We headed back to Athens where we had one free day to do whatever we wanted, and we opted to shop for rugs and enjoy a Turkish massage. 

  #Sundayfunday #DayofRest

We loved pampering ourselves after 9 days of hitting well over 10K steps while walking over 10 ruins, in 4 cities, and a ton of driving within 3 days. We squeezed it all in, and it was worth it! The reward? Island hopping for 2 straight weeks and beach bumming. 

Is there a place we missed? let us know in the comment section below.