VACATION: 3 Day Itinerary in Athens, Greece

VACATION: 3 Day Itinerary in Athens, Greece

One of the many reasons my husband and I became expats in Budapest is to travel more. So our first trip after taking 6 months to settle in Budapest was to head south to Greece. With a quick 2 hour flight, my husband and I decided to start in Athens.



When traveling, it's best to get the most strenuous activities out of the way so you can finish your vacation relaxing! Walking monuments, ruins, and the streets of any city will ensure 20k steps on your fitbit!

Here's our 3 day Itinerary! Get ready to get your steps in. Boom.  

DAY 1:

I read on various blogs on my pinterest page that you should visit the Acropolis Museum before seeing the site, because it gives you a better understanding of it. I'm glad we did. It allowed my husband to geek out and gave me a chance to brush up on history. We spent about an hour in the museum.

We then grabbed a bottle of water in preparation for our hike to the Acropolis. 

You have to buy a ticket to see the Acropolis, but if you came to Athens to see the archeological sites, then it's best to get the Unified Pass. The pass gave us access to 7 sites. 

DAY 2:

Started our day with a spinach pie and a freddo cappuccino. We used our 24-hour metro pass to head back to Monastiraki and see Hadrian’s Library and the Ancient Agora. There were various times that I heard people stating that they should have gotten the Unified Pass to cover these smaller sites. We found it to be worth the money.

Then we used the metro to see the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Arch. We walked to the Panathenaic Stadium from there..  

We opted for dinner in Plaka and went off of a Foursquare review for Scholarchio. Here is a list of must try Greek food. We knew it was a good sign when we went down what looked like murder alley. Long story short, any restaurant that has great reviews and looks like it's down a sketchy alley usually is my husband and I's best meal of the trip. 

DAY 3:  We had one free day in Athens to do whatever we wanted and we opted to head back to Scholarchio for greek food. We relaxed with a Hammam turkish massage and did some shopping for area rugs for our flat in Budapest. We loved pampering ourselves after 2 days of hitting well over 10K steps.  

Day trips from Athens are a must, and don't forget to read about how we went island hopping. Read about my the day trips we took from Athens.