Top 3 Expat Friendly Mommy Cafe's in Budapest

Top 3 Expat Friendly Mommy Cafe's in Budapest

Becoming a mom as an expat can be scary. You're already a foriegner and now you have to find a new group of friends that are actually interested in your breastfeeding stories. Budapest has made it very easy to join the mommy community. Here are some of the places that mommy's hang out. 

1. Hello Anyu

Hello Anyu

Mommy Cafe

By definition the word Anyu means mom in Hungarian. So the name of the cafe is called Hello Mom! This place is a great resource and a great place to start. The cafe is truly a cafe first. With coffee, snacks, and they even serve a daily menu of healthy meals. Moms can actually eat a meal without a baby on there hip because there is a large play area for kids to play and read and interact with other kids. The cafe also features classes, including Maminbaba (Zumba), Sing a long with Cleo, breastfeeding classes, and more. Some of the classes are in Hungarian but there is a wide selection of classes in english as well. 

Fitness with Baby!

If you're looking to meet mommy friends, take a class, hang out at the cafe, and just jump in there. 

2. Maminti Kucko

Maminti Kucko

Everything that is for kids... & mommy's! 

This bookstore and cafe is also great for mommy's to visit. The store is quaint, bright and airy with tons of toys and books for purchase. There is a play area for kids to interact as well. In the back is a space where they host various programs. Skyla took, "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," and the class was great for her age. At 3 months she was able to listen to the songs, play with mommy and daddy, and eat the rattle! I loved meeting the moms in the class and we shared some great stories. It was also good that my husband was able to check out the space. He's a book worm so we of course left with 5 new books. One of which is in both Hungarian and English. We haven't stopped reading the books since. 

On our first visit we enjoyed a coffee and it was delicious! I've been back several times and truly enjoyed all of the programs they have for mommy and baby! I can't wait to schedule my next mommy playdate at Maminti Kucko, especially because one of my favorite parks is 2 blocks away. Don't forget to tell them I sent you. 

3. Pagony Bookstore

Pagony Bookstore

Books, Cafe, Classes & More!

The first time I visited this bookstore I was pregnant and couldn't wait to join the mommy groups. I went on a mommy meet up in the winter with 6 other moms and their little ones were having a blast running around. I connected with some moms and made new friends. The bookstore is just like the others, catering to mommy's and their babies. It's a cafe as well and hosts several programs inside the store. From classes to events, the programs cater to kids of all ages. The Gellert location is the largest location as it is a chain bookstore with 2 other locations in the Budapest Area. 


I hope you can visit the top cafe's for expats and local mommy's in Budapest. Mingle and meet people! Get out of your sweats and meet me or a friend at a cafe. Then head over to one of my favorite parks in the city. You won't regret it.  Don't forget to take a picture to prove you were out and about and tag #BudapestMomLife

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