Breastfeeding In Budapest

Many of the expats on FB ask about the breastfeeding culture here in Budapest. Lets just say Hungarians love babies, I mean really loves babies. I've been approached by grumpy old men, young people full of tatoos, and even young kids who go goo-goo gaga over babies. It's the cutest thing. I love it. So when it comes to breastfeeding nobody seems to care or stare. As I stated on Instagram, there are always nods of encouragment and sweet faces looking like, "Aw how cute."

If you're not as open and free like me you can always find a nursing stations and even baby changing areas in some of the most oddest places around the city. You can always find them in Malls, restaurants, and while you're sightseeing. But I'm not the shy type so you will never catch me feeding my baby in a bathroom. Although no judgement here! At this point with a light blanket I feel covered enough to feed my sweet girl all over this city.

Where is one of the coolest or even oddest place you've breastfeed? Tell me your experience in the comment box below.