New Chapter In Budapest - House Hunters International

Moving to Budapest is a huge chapter in our lives. We always said we wished we could be on House Hunters International. Well our wish came true.

A few weeks after delivering skyla in budapest, we put together our audition tape. One month later we got the call that we would be filming in September. We were stoked. I’m not going to spoil the Hollywood magic of the show, but we loved looking at the 3 apartments.

During the filming we got to do some really cool stuff. We biked along the Danube River with a drone capturing the shot. We also rode cool motorbikes on Margit Island. My favorite part was getting a family picture sketched. Gosh I still need to get that framed.

Anyway the crew was amazing. They became like family by the end of the week. They were all loving on Skyla, and laughing with us on our bloopers. Hey, I had to call CUT a phew times… Sorry to our female director, but I couldn’t have half of my husbands bad jokes go to air! LOL. We had a great time. My husband tells me all the time that he wish cameras were following us all the time. Bring on a reality show!

Side note: Become friends with your realtor, because when he has to hide in your bedroom for a scene, you get messages like this. Shout out to Chris and all of his hard work. Gosh we shared so many laughs, and now have so many inside jokes. Good Times.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.55.01 PM.png

Which apartment did you think we were going to choose?

Our family was also featured on a Hungarian Network, just weeks after filming this show. Check out more information about our transition in Hungary.