Budapest to Prague by Train

When we were invited by our family friends to embark on a 6 hour train ride to Prague I immediately thought; let’s fly! After checking the logistics we ended up taking the train to Prague and it was the best decision yet. 

While the flight from Budapest to Prague is an up and down 45 minute flight. The process of flying is actually 6 hours in length. From getting to the airport, to going through security, waiting at the gate, boarding the plane, delays, getting from the airport in Prague to your accommodations just all seemed like a hassle.

Hoping on the train with a cooler full of food, good company and a train car all to ourselves. What a deal! Oh and did I mention is was 19 euros each way per person. Oh and we didn’t have to pay extra for a bag like we would have on a budget airline.  

While we did get specialty tickets that stated that the tickets had to be picked up from a Budapest train station. The deal was too good to be true.  

We loved the ease of the journey. And would totally do it again. The only other mode of transportation that is cheaper if not comparable to the train deal is Flixibus

We bought sandwiches, drinks and snacks. We like the option to walk around during the journey, and loved the option of taking a stroll to the dinner car for a coffee or a beer! But hey if you come to Budapest you have to go to Prague. Skip the budget airlines and head to Prague by train or bus.  

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