Budapest Red Bull Air Race

The sun shined bright over Budapest this weekend. What a great weekend to watch the Red Bull Air Race. With my makeup on point, and my outfit super casual, I headed to Batthyany Ter, where I met up with a group of friends.

If you're looking for the best view to watch the planes soar over the Danube River then I suggest having the Parliament Building as a backdrop. Take a tram, metro, or bus to Batthyany Ter. Talk about views on views on views. With the weather lending to sunny skies with a light breeze from the Danube, I decided to walk from my flat to the event. Literally I love that I live walking distance to this weekend's biggest event. 

The race track, was between the Chain Bridge and Margit Bridge on the Danube River. As the planes took the course, my Insta Stories was instantly filled with cool pics, videos, and boomerangs. Talk about storage overload! 

The only thing that was missing was food trucks along the river. They closed of the streets adjacent from the river in anticipation of a large crowd. But this year it wasn't packed at all. Food trucks would have been a good addition to the event. But my group made sandwiches and had beers on hand. 

But I digress. Here are some of my pictures of my time at the event. Follow the Black Girl in Budapest Facebook page for more events coming up in Budapest this month. 

Share some of your great moments in budapest in the comment section below. Was the air race one of them?