International Move: Our Boxes Took a Trip

Moving overseas? I bet you're scratching your head and thinking, "What Company Do I Choose?" 

It's 2017 and navigating how to ship your stuff overseas shouldn't be as hard as it is. From requesting various quotes to picking the right service one can wonder, "Is my stuff, worth the hassle? 

If the answer is yes, then read closely because here are the things I wish I could have found while searching for answers on the internet.  

When requesting a quote you basically have to guesstimate what you are taking. We did this buy doing a quick inventory of what must come, then added 5 more boxes of the unforeseen. Always make sure you get at least 3 quotes to help you feel secure in your choice. Don't forget to factor in packing supplies on top of the shipping cost, because bubble wrap, boxes, tape, etc.... all add's up. 

I suggest, if you are moving overseas, put your trust in From door to door, we were able to track our stuff every step of the way. The staff answered all of my questions and concerns throughout the process! With step by step instructions from the company, it made moving to a new country less stressful... and let me tell you, moving within itself is a task.

My Husband is 6'7" and both crates were his height. 

My Husband is 6'7" and both crates were his height. 

Packing: Preparing for your shipment

Our precious things went for a trip! First the boxes were packed over weeks at a time. We of course got quotes from 3 international moving companies, and ultimately chose! And I'm so glad we did. We decided to use plastic bins, since we were moving during the winter season, and wanted our items to stay dry and concealed as best as possible. We labeled each bin, and kept a log in my google drive. (Feel free to use this template.)  You have no idea how many times my husband and I referred to this spreadsheet throughout the entire process. We were so glad that we were organized.  

We rush ordered the crates, because of course we waited until the last minute to pull the trigger. The crate arrived a bit banged up, no fault to the company, but we were assured that they wouldl ship just fine, so we started packing them right away. Building the crates was kind of fun. We Lego'd the pieces to fit into two shipping crates, which was actually my husbands job, so I guess I don't know how fun it really was. I was able to guide him with tips that the company had given in their amazing blog entitled The Moving Doctor! 📦

Shipping: Saying goodbye to your items

The truck arrived just as we were placing the last strap around the boxes. They loaded our stuff onto their truck to be taken from Los Angeles to Charleston, SC. 🚚 The boxes were then loaded into a shipping container and went for a boat ride overseas. The boat arrived in Rotterdam, and our stuff made it through clearance. It was then loaded onto a sprinter van by two brothers. 🚛 They called me up and said they would be at my house in less than 24 hours time. And they were on time! So on time, I wasn't ready for them. 📦

Arrived: Reunited with your boxes

Now when I say door to door, that doesn't really count for apartment goers. That means front of the building, and you figure it out from there. I guess we could have initially paid for the premium service, but this is where my husband and I like to save money.

My neighbor saw me moving the boxes from the front door of the building up to my apartment and offered to help, since my husband was still at work. I don't think he knew what he got himself into. We hauled all 39 boxes up to my third story "flat," I like saying that! Apartment, is so 2 months ago.  🏡 Anyway, we hauled all of the items in a tiny European elevator which they call a lift!

Check out the aftermath!

Overall Thought

A trip... our boxes took a trip and saw the world! 

Nothing was broken and everything is accounted for. Which I wasn't worried about since we always get insurance on things like this. As I slowly unpacked, I was excited to see my long forgotten items that took 8 weeks to arrive! I finally had the items to make this flat feel like a home! MY PICTURES... which my husband teases that they make him feel like he's living in a shrine. Oh well... he's going to have to deal.  

Moving in general is expensive, but if you're talking moving overseas, then you must really love your stuff because you're going to spend a little penny. Full disclosure, we spent a little over $3k to get our stuff overseas and we feel like it was worth it.

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