3 ways to minimize your stress  when Moving Abroad

A lot of information will be flying at you as you begin your research to move abroad. Here are the top 3 things you need to know to help minimize your stress. 

#1 Research your Research.  

When it comes to moving overseas, you will either find a ton of information or none, there's usually nothing in between. So once you do your research on a particular part of the move, make sure you dive deep and research some more.

What I mean is, instead of getting 1 quote, get 3. If looking at a particular company or service, do some background research on them, i.e. Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc...

So you have to do your homework, or you'll get ripped off or have to learn the hard way. I suggest using my pinterest as a guide to moving your sh*t overseas. 

#2 Start Now!

The moment you find out that you are moving, start preparing for the move RIGHT AWAY!

My husband and I had 3 months to prepare for our move, and after the shock settled in, let's just say "I" started moving immediately. Start off small, but "start" is the key word. From making Goodwill runs, to cleaning out closets and dressers; I spent my spare time cleaning! I did yard sales and Facebook Marketplace, which had its ups and downs.

Preparing for the move was harder than the move itself, but I'm glad I started when I did because once it came to moving day, it was a breeze. So start now!  

#3 Organize Your Chaos 

It all will begin to feel like chaos, but if you stay organized from the start, everything will be fine. I promise. Start by organizing one area at a time, or one room at a time. Use your time wisely, because moving day is right around the corner. 

Keep a to-do list. By keeping an on going to-do list on wunderlist.com, I was able to make a list for various parts of the move. List ideas included Canceling Contracts, Pack Rooms, Repairs Before Move, etc. I was also able to assign tasks to my husband so it didn't all fall on me.

I used Google Drive to organize my spreadsheets and keep track of the boxes. I know spreadsheets sound crazy, but you'll need it to keep track of what you're actually moving overseas. Here's a sample spreadsheet to help organize your move. 

Trust me when I say stay organized!

You'll Thank Me Later!

Moving is a journey but moving abroad is a job. Take it seriously because these tips will save you money, energy and time.

For example, my husband didn't spend the time to research airplane policies, packed his desk area on the last day, and didn't organize a to-do list, like cancel his auto insurance, which ultimately lead to lost money, over packing, and frustration during his final moments in AMERICA. 

Take my advice and follow these three easy steps, and you will win in the end!!