#SundayFunday Vegan Market at Anker't Ruin Bar

Nothing beats a weekend stroll through the many markets of Budapest. Until you experience the vegan market at Anker'ts ruin bar, where the scene is hippy dippy, and the food... is well, vegan! 

The market made me feel like I was experiencing a piece of Los Angeles in the heart of Budapest! Everyone was so friendly, smiley and care free. It felt like home, just inside the cool Anker't ruin bar in the heart of Budapest.  

My husband and I met up with our cousin and our new international friends. We sampled some vegan pastries, which were delicious. Then we took a lap around the market and sampled smoothies and smelling yummy vegan soaps. The steady stream of Budapest locals packed the Anker't to what seemed like a very large vegan community. Now I'm not vegan, although I flirt with it on most days. My vegetarian lifestyle appreciates the concoctions that makes various fruit and vegetable dishes so yummy🍊.  

I tried the Vegan dogs and it surprised me, in a good way! Most of the toppings were not explained to me but the explosion in my mouth was fantastic. Yum. And I even picked the spicy dog, which gave it an added kick!  

Thanks to Facebook and those sponsored ads that targeted me and my location. If it wasn't for Facebook I wouldn't be able to feel so connected to Budapest and all that it has to offer. Make sure you follow the Vegan Festival Facebook page to stay updated on the monthly market. 

Can I expect to see you next month?!?