My Budapest Birth Story

So here’s how the story goes. From the start I wanted a natural birth with no medication. People thought I was crazy, but I knew I could do it. I also wanted the option of a water birth if possible. A friend suggested Hypnobirthing. Once I looked into it, I knew I was going to have the birth story of my dreams. Spoiler alert... my daughters birth was not what I expected.

I had a perfect pregnancy from many standpoints. I passed every test with flying colors! No preeclampsia, minimal weight gain, perfect blood pressure, etc. So I was certain that I was going to have a natural birth. 

So I practiced Hypnobirthing, which helps you go into a meditative state and uses your breath to get through the intense surges (contractions). I practiced for weeks leading up to the birth and even included my husband in the process. I used the Expectful app as a digital coach, and studied/watched several youtube videos on the process. I even got oils to help in assisting with the natural birth process. I used peppermint to help with my nausea, and lavender to soothe me during the birthing process. 

Once I got to 40 weeks, I had zero dilation and my cervix hadn't softened. I had some Braxton Hicks at this point, but nothing to call the doctor about. After my 40 weeks I had normal CTG check ups every 2 days. CTG's basically monitor the baby's heartbeat and my contractions. We even did an ultrasound to check and see if the baby had enough fluid, and take a look at the placenta. While everything was normal in a sense, after the 40th week the placenta and the fluid level do decrease, but there was nothing to worry about.

My doctor likes to induce on the 41st week, and although I wanted to wait for the 42nd week, my husband and I decided to get induced with the doctors recommendation on the 41st week and 1 day. This is where judgment begins from people about induction.... I know, I know! I still, to this day will always second guess this decision to induce. In hindsight, I wish I would have waited until my 42nd week, but there is nothing I can do about it now. I made my choice with my husband. 

Anyway, my doctor, midwife and I decided to try and have as natural of an induction as possible. So we started the process by starting with the Foley balloon catheter where a balloon is inserted into my cervix and then the ballon is filled with saline to help me dilate. Let's just say it was painful and uncomfortable, but I breathed through it with my hypnobirthing techniques in mind and it was inserted. Three hours after the insertion I began to become nauseous and threw up. My midwife said this was normal which I knew from my research, and I started to sniff the peppermint oil to help calm my nausea and it worked enough to get me to sleep. 

Sorry to get graphic, but the balloon, in theory, is suppose to fall out of my vagina, indicating that the cervix has dilated enough centimeters to give birth naturally. Mine did not. So they had to tie a string to the balloon, which was weighted down by a water bottle hanging off the front of my bed. Over time, the weight of the bottle pulled the ballon out. I was then only 4 cm dilated. My body would have to do the rest on its own. 

Contractions had started, and I don't know if it was the hypnobirthing or my pain tolerance, but I got through the surges like a champ. My midwife was like, "Wow that was a big one!" and I was like "It was?" Hours passed, and I never dilated any more, nor did my contractions get big enough to help the birthing process. 

Me after 14 hours of labor. Full of energy and not phased by the contractions. Just 30 mins before what happens next.

It had been 14 hours since the start of my induction and my doctor decided that we needed to move to the next step, which was oxytocin. I had no drugs up until this point, but I knew what the steps would be during a day of induction and I had to give in. From the first drop, I MEAN LITERALLY A DROP.... the oxytocin stressed the baby out and her heart rate dropped to the lowest it had been. Honestly, it was as if her heart stopped. Yes, it had dropped for a second during the balloon insertion 14 hours prior, but her heart beat resumed seconds later. It also dropped at one point during the exam of my cervix, but it also quickly went back to normal as well. With the oxytocin, this was a big scare. It was soooooo low that I saw the fear in my midwifes eyes as she yanked the oxytocin out of my IV and went running out of the room.

My midwife went running to get help and several other midwives came in. Many drugs were pumped in me and an oxygen mask was given to me. My all natural birth went down the drain. Then they started prepping me for what I knew to be a c-section and I yelled "Can someone tell me what is going on in ENGLISH?!" and I bursted into tears. Once explained, I then yelled to my husband tocall my mom. All hell broke loose. They wanted me to calm down and give oxygen to the baby. At the same time they were asking me to sign the c-section consent forms. Stressful.

After getting talked off the ledge by mother who helped calm me down as we cried on the phone together, a million miles away from each other, I knew I had to do the c-section. I was in the middle of a c-section 15 mins later. Spinal tap epidural was administered and moments later my little girl was born.

My eyes are bloodshot from the spinal epidural. I'm high as a kite. There goes my natural birth.

My eyes are bloodshot from the spinal epidural. I'm high as a kite. There goes my natural birth.

Born at 12:41 pm, Skyla was 7 lbs 6 oz and perfect. She latched on and loved breastfeeding. She was alert and loves her parents! She’s the best! The doctor and my midwife were great and we did everything we could for a natural birth. This is a lesson from God. When you make plans, he laughs. 

Did you have a birth plan that didn't go as plan? Did you have a C-section and beg not to have it like I did? Do you still mourn the loss of not having a natural birth like I do sometimes? Let me know in the comment section below.

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