Is There Uber In Budapest?

There are no Uber’s in Budapest but Bolt is the uber of Budapest. With the same concept as Uber or Lyft but utilizing taxis instead of nondescript cars.

Updates March 12, 2018: Bolt formerly known as Taxify.

Bolt is a downloadable app where you put your information in and boom, location services can ping your location. You put in your desired location and then a Bolt Taxi is on its way! As a tourist this is the safest way to get around the city by taxi. Some generic taxi services have been known to rip-off tourists, but Bolt is the prefered taxi service that locals use to ensure they pay a fair price. You are able to put in your desired location and get an estimated cost of your ride before you decide on the service. This takes the guessing game out of it because the price is presented to you before you ride. In Hungary never just hop in a taxi, I mean never… always use Bolt. The moment they know you’re not Hungarian you will get the ride around town to get to a location which was 5 mins away. Also since you aren’t familiar with the currency you will overpay for your unintended sightseeing cab ride. You can even send your location to friends with your estimated arrival time which is great for solo travelers who want to feel safe when hoping in a taxi late at night.



Funny story, I got this question in my inbox. Is there Uber in Budapest? I open the email and its Keke Palmer’s mom who is asking from America as her daughter was filming in Budapest. We exchanged a few emails, but it was so cool to receive this email. Hey, celebrities need a ride sometimes too! And who better to ask, but the Black Girl In Budapest.

Anyway, I think it’s a great concept to keep taxi drivers in business as Uber was a way to push that profession out of the city. While Uber was in Budapest for a summer a few years back, it quickly got pushed out by Legislation. This is how Bolt became the only way I travel if I need a taxi.

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